Lockking Security Bar Pet Door Panel Combo

– You get two Lockking Security Bars with the combo.

-One is a Lockking Security Bar for when your Pet Door is in place and one for when the Pet Door is Removed

-They are Easy to Remove and Replace with removable screws.

-Great for when on Vacation, just remove the Pet Door Panel and remove the Pet Door Security Bar and replace with a Commercial Lockking Security Bar.

-For Wintertime removal of Pet Door

-To Choose, pick a Commercial Model that would work when the Pet Door Panel(example C-6 Silver) is removed and then pick a Pet Door Model that would work when the Pet Door Panel is installed (example PD-2 Silver).

Special Price- $85.00 plus shipping in USA only / Email with measurements or models numbers.

Pricing is for 1 each of the listed Commercial Security Bars and 1 each of the listed Pet Door Security Bars.

pet door panel

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